Exhibition & Performance

2nd International Artists Gathering

"Art in the Time of Crisis" 12-14 January 2017

Collective Exhibition during the 2nd International Artists Gathering 2017 in Fez “Art in the Time of Crisis”

In times of war, terrorism and poverty, when people need peace and food and really need a home - millions of people trying to arrive at countries to live peacefully for a limited period - we are thinking and showing what art can be in times of crises: history points out artists have expressed themselves in any times of crises by their various media. How do experiences become metaphors and inner images? And these inner images - get they expressed according to gestures and meanings of the profession of artists?

The consolation of the great artworks is fewer the message they speak but more their resolution of existence (Apho- rismus 148). By the “Ästhetische Theorie” Adorno has described consistently the great artworks as a stadtholder of the utopian dream. Art means rescue of the illusion or rescue of the non-identity for him. Art comforts by NOT alleviating the suffering. The consolation of art is re ected in hopelessness. Art should be stadtholder of a better praxis. As long as the negativity of the existing is been articulated by artworks the denouncement without any reservation could modify the reality to the better.

Own translation of “Minima Moralia”, Adorno.

Pre-Opening: Thursday, 12 th Janurary 2017 at 6pm
6:30 pm speech Rudolf de Lippe “ Art in the Time of Crisis”
at ALIF Riad 6, Derb Drissi, Douh, Fez Medina
Opening: Friday, 13th Janurary 2017 at 6pm
at Fes Saiss Association, Das Pacha Tazi, Batha