The Program

2nd International Artists Gathering

"Art in the Time of Crisis" 12-14 January 2017

Thursday, 12 January
Location : ALIF Riad 6, Derb Idrissi Skallia Douh

6:00 PM
Reception and welcoming guests, program presentation
6:30 PM
Rudolf Lippe's speech
7:30 PM
Pre-opening of the exhibition

Friday, 13 January
9 AM to 1 PM at Dar Batha, 15 Salaj, Fez Medina

6:30 PM Fes Saiss Association , Dar Pacha Tazi, Batha
7:30 PM ALIF Riad 6, Derb Idrissi Skallia Douh

9:00 AM
Contemporary Art:

- Neil van der Linden, Curator, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Moderator)
- Pascual Jordan, Exhibition Curator, Berlin, Gemany
- Madiha Sebbani, Visual Artist, Rabat, Morocco
- Think Tanger, Cultural Center, Tangier, Morocco
- Ramia Beladel, Visual Artist, Merrakech, Morocco
- Hannah Clager, Fulbright Researcher, Tallahassee, USA
- Soukaina Joual, Visual Artist, Fez, Morocco
10:30 AM
Coffee Break
11:00 AM
Photography & Documentary Films

- Michael Grieve, Photographer, Berlin, Germany (Moderator)
- M'hammed Kilito, Photographer , Rabat, Morococo
- Evi Blink, Photographer, Cologne, Germany
- Thami Benkirane, Photographer and Professor, Fez, Morocco
- Mohamed Thara, University Professor,Bordeaux, France
6:30 PM
Exhibition Opening

Collective Exhibition “Art in the Time of Crisis”
7:30 PM
Music Concert

Saturday, 14 January
9 AM to 1 PM at Dar Batha, 15 Salaj, Fez Medina
Presentations & Panels

4:00 PM at Cafe Clock, Derb El Magana

9:00 AM
Art in Education:

- Dr. James Miller, Director of the MACECE (Moderator)
- Moroccan German Association of Teachers, Fez, Morocco
- Cantal Bakker, artist, Utrich, Netherlands
- Finn Brueggemann & Nuriye Elisabeth Tohermes, social sculptures,Hamburg, Germany
- Hamza El Fasiki, Traditional Craftsman & Founder @ Craft Draft
- TakaFes, Cultural Association, Fez, Morocco
10:30 AM
Coffee Break
11:00 AM
Art, Islam and Extremism:

- Courtney Erwin, Senior Program Specialist at Mohamedian
- League of Religious Scholars, USA (Moderator)
- Roderick Grierson, Director of Rumi Institute, Canada
- Sidi Ibrahim Tijjani, Spiritual leader, Fez, Morocco
- Mohamed Charkaoui, Artist Calligrapher, Fez, Morocco
4:00 PM
Story-Telling workshop

Sunday,15 January
meeting point in front Batha Fountain

10:00 AM
Historical tour of the Medina and visit of art and gallery spaces

Program Schedule