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3rd International Artist Gathering of Fez

"Africa of the Africans" 11-14 January 2018

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Project Director

Omar Chennafi

+212 (0)6596-61502

Project Manager

Meryem Lahrichi :

+212 (0)677456015

Press and Media

Gwyneth Talley

Panel Conver

George Bajalia

Dutch Partners

Neil Van der Linden

ALIF Riad 6, Derb Idrissi Skallia Doch (34.0515125,-5.0030415)

Dar Batha, 15 Salaj, Fez Medina (34.0610437,-4.9816302)

Cinema Bab Boujloud, Talaa Saghira, Fez Medina

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